Tell Telkom!
Don’t stay quiet if you see any wrongdoing – tell us about criminal activity so
that we can take action! Because when illegal activity affects Telkom, it affects
everyone. Illegal activity could be:


Destruction of payphones or other outdoor infrastructure


The stealing of cables or solar panels


Deception related to payment, subscription or our network


Deliberate actions taken to weaken the Telkom network

Contact us as soon as you become aware of any of these activities. If your info
leads to the recovery of stolen Telkom assets, you may even be eligible for a
reward! Here’s how you can contact us:

Call 0800 124 000

Our crime hotline is the quickest and easiest way to let us know of any illegal activity. There is a tiny charge, but that’s just to deter childish pranksters and hoax callers.
Your details can be kept confidential.

Dial *120*11223344#

Follow the prompts to give us as many details as you’re comfortable with.

Leave your details here:
You can also report illegal activity by leaving your details below,
and we’ll get in touch with you.