Connecting your home is as easy as one, two, three

<span style="font-weight:700 !important;">Connect</span> your home to the internet

Connect your home to the internet

Live connected with multiple technologies such as Fibre, ADSL and LTE. Suitable options will depend on availability in your area and your needs.

Access your favourite content with <span style="font-weight:700 !important;">data</span>

Access your favourite content with data

Everything you do on the internet needs data, and we have the data bundles to suit your living.

A <span style="font-weight:700 !important;">device</span> <br />to connect it all

A device
to connect it all

Connect mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs and gaming consoles to the internet with a WiFi router.

What is streaming and how do you set it up?

Streaming is listening to audio or watching video content over the internet, played immediately, rather than being saved to your hard drive. No more waiting for downloads to complete or having to bother your grumpy neighbour for the latest movies and series.

Sign up to a streaming service

Streaming music and video is simple with our partners:

Apple Music
Google Play

Connect your hardware

Installing streaming hardware the easy way.

DSTV Explora
Standard DStv

Log in to your streaming service

Find your favourite streaming service online, register and create your profile.

Select your favourite shows and enjoy

Download, stream or bookmark the albums, movies and series that you want to see.

Setting up your WiFi and getting the best performance

WiFi allows for wireless high-speed connections to the internet, using a modem or a router. Setting up your device the right way will give you the best performance.

Setting up your WiFi with ease

Step 1 – Open your router interface
Step 2 – Enter your username and passcode (from ISP)
Step 3 – Set your SSID and password
Step 4 – Enjoy high-speed wireless internet

Getting the best out of your WiFi

Enjoy high-speed internet to its full capability.

Once you have a home connection, getting everything WiFi-connected is easy

Once your internet connection has been established and your router has been set up, you can connect all your devices to the internet, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and even your refrigerator, if you’re that cool.

The only thing easier than connecting your home, is finding the perfect internet solution.

Find the best solution for what you need

Find the best solution for what you need

Answer the following questions, so we can suggest the perfect internet solution for you:

- How many people live in your house?
- What they do on the internet?
- How much time do they spend on it?

Find your best solution

Find out which solutions are available in your area

Find out which solutions are available in your area

While DSL internet has been around for ages, Fibre and LTE are fairly new. These new types of technology are still being rolled out across South Africa. Use our coverage map to find out which connection types are available in your area.

Check coverage

Find the right solution for your budget

Find the right solution for your budget

We have a range of cost-effective routers to suit any budget, so you can connect everyone’s phones, laptops, tablets and/or gaming consoles to the internet.

What’s in your budget?