With all the flexibility that Telkom’s new FlexON deals gives you, the world is filled with boundless potential. Move how you want, use your data where you want.

<div style="display: none">FlexON @2GB 99 picker</div>

FlexON @2GB 99 picker

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FlexON @6GB 199 picker

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Samsung Galaxy A73

  • Colour options: Blue or Black
  • 2GB All-network Anytime data
  • 500 Telkom-to-Telkom minutes
  • 75 All-network minutes
  • 500 SMSs

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<div style="display: none">Samsung Galaxy A73 phone picker</div>

Samsung Galaxy A73 phone picker

<div style="display: none">Flexon 2GB @379</div>

Flexon 2GB @379

Whats makes FlexON so flexible?

  • FlexON allows you to use your data for whatever you want,
    whenever you want. Now that’s flexibility!
  • You get to use your data your way, with no limitations on specific apps and
  • Migrate your family to the Telkom network and save by enjoying on-net
    calling minutes to all Telkom mobile and Telkom fixed numbers.
  • The devices that you have in your home.

How FlexON data works:

  • FlexON is an All-network Anytime data plan, allowing for greater network coverage and usage across the Telkom mobile network as well as our local roaming partner networks.
  • Enjoy your data for longer, as the fixed amount of data on FlexON 2GB and FlexON 6GB only expires at the end of two consecutive calendar months.
  • All existing bundles, including FreeMe Promo Voice Bundles, Social Bundles, Chat Bundles, Data Bundles, SMS Bundles, TelkomONE Bundles, etc., can be purchased using Telkom self-service channels.

Flexible plan, unrestricted, your data your way.

Telkom always aims to remain SA’s leading telecommunications company, providing you with the best experiences with each of our offerings. Through the toughest times, when tightening your belt is an everyday struggle, we’re here to provide you with the best contract offers with unlimited connection. Switch to a smarter, more flexible way to stay open.

The Small Print.

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