Meet today’s connectivity needs with unlimited, affordable LTE and enjoy fast internet
connectivity to do daily life from anywhere. The possibilities are infinite. You
can host virtual meetings, do schoolwork from home or connect with your loved ones.
Make the smart choice and order the June Big Deal online with the option of paying
month-tomonth, and soon you and your family will be living full WiFi.

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What is the Big Deal?

Live, connect and entertain from home
with this sweet SIM-only deal.
Get Uncapped LTE Business
Hours for just

month to month

This means that between 00h00 and 17h00
you can enjoy nonstop, superfast internet
connectivity, so you can smash those work goals
without busting your budget.

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Why the Big Deal?

Why would you not want affordable
uncapped internet in your home?

It’s the smart choice that can be ordered with
just a click. You can stream webinars, upload,
download, and surf the internet to your heart’s
content. The possibilities are infinite.

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When is it available?

Embrace your new normal with an affordable
uninterrupted connection.

Host virtual meetings, learn, entertian and connect.

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Embrace your new normal with an affordable, uninterrupted connection,

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Embrace your new normal with an affordable,
uninterrupted connection 


You can place your order in one of three ways.