Start chatting with Telkom Mobile Chat Bundles. Get access to these 8 instant messaging apps: WhatsApp, Threema, WeChat, Viber, Telegram, LINE, Signal and Facebook Messenger. Use these for one-on-one chats, group chats, public conversations, sending pics and more. Some of these apps support online shopping, offline shopping, money transfers and more.

These bundles can be used to complement the existing Telkom Social Bundles so that you live your monate.

Daily CHAT Bundles
(Valid for 24 hours)

<div style="display: none">5MB R3</div>

5MB R3

<div style="display: none">100MB R5</div>

100MB R5

<div style="display: none">250MB R10</div>

250MB R10

<div style="display: none">500MB R15</div>

500MB R15

Weekly CHAT Bundles
(Valid for 7 days )

<div style="display: none">100MB R8</div>

100MB R8

<div style="display: none">250MB R12</div>

250MB R12

<div style="display: none">500MB R18</div>

500MB R18

<div style="display: none">1GB R30</div>

1GB R30

Monthly CHAT Bundles
(Valid for 24 hours )

<div style="display: none">250MB R15</div>

250MB R15

<div style="display: none">500MB R25</div>

500MB R25

<div style="display: none">1GB R40</div>

1GB R40

<div style="display: none">2GB R70</div>

2GB R70

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