You spoke, and we listened.

Mo’Nice is a Telkom offering that literally changes according to your needs.

We look at what your data and voice needs are, and we tailor your service offering to those exact specifications. Whether you love watching funny videos on Youtube, making long calls to your loved ones, WhatsApp chatting with your friends or just surfing the net, we’ve got you covered.

We want to make sure that you get all the value you can out of every cent that you spend.
So if you seldom call, but use plenty of data to watch YouTube, we’ll make sure your data vs call offering is designed to accommodate your lifestyle.
Aaah… That’s Mo’Nice!


Want to get it?

Simply dial *123# from your phone.

Aah… That’s Mo’Nice!

*Contract customers only

Mo'Nice offer breakdown

<span style="color: #0083c2;">Telkom Mobile data</span>

Telkom Mobile data

Must be used in Telkom coverage.

<span style="color: #0083c2;">Telkom Mobile Night data</span>

Telkom Mobile Night data

Coverage dependent. Used from Midnight to 7am daily.

<span style="color: #0083c2;">All Network minutes</span>

All Network minutes

Used to call any SA network.

<span style="color: #0083c2;">Telkom Mobile minutes</span>

Telkom Mobile minutes

Only to Telkom Mobile and Telkom Fixed Line numbers.

<span style="color: #0083c2;">All Network minutes</span>

All Network minutes

Used to call any SA network.

<span style="color: #0083c2;">Weekend Bundles</span>

Weekend Bundles

Purchased at any time during the week or weekend.*

<span style="color: #0083c2;">YouTube data</span>

YouTube data

For YouTube use only

<span style="color: #0083c2;">WhatsApp data</span>

WhatsApp data

For Whatsapp use only

*Weekend Bundles are valid on the weekend (Saturday 00:01AM to Sunday 11:59PM)

*Offers are subject to availability according to your specific needs


- Offers do change from time to time and person to person.
- These offers are for personalised call or data services. There are no devices included in the Mo’Nice offers
- You will receive a confirmation SMS as soon as you’ve purchased the offer.
- Prepaid and Hybrid customers - Remember that you need to have enough airtime in order to make the purchase.
- For post-paid customers the purchase will reflect on your bill.
- Remember that bundles don’t carry over.
- Promo airtime can be used for calls and messages but not to purchase bundles or access premium rated services or international numbers.
- Contract customers – Remember to make sure your credit limit is high enough to buy bundles on Mo’Nice. To adjust your credit limit, dial *180# and follow the steps.

The Small Print.

For Terms and Conditions, follow this link: