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To ensure that you get the most out of your deal, check whether your area has compatible coverage.

How It Works

For new customers

  • Apply for a starter pack
  • Buy a voucher

For existing Prepaid Fibre customers

  • Now that you have a starter pack, purchase an Internet Voucher (only) via the Telkom Portal
  • Select your offer below
Select your desired offer

*Device Voucher: All device vouchers will be supported by routers from Telkom.

Prepaid Fibre Starter Packs

With Telkom Prepaid Fibre, you and your family can enjoy connecting to the internet, affordably and at any time because every home deserves monate. Choose a starter pack and internet voucher of your choice and start streaming, gaming, working and more.

Prepaid Fibre Vouchers

Once you’re all setup with a router and Telkom Prepaid Fibre has been installed, you can now live monate on your own terms. Purchase a voucher and it’ll be valid for 3, 7 or 30 days once activated.

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Prepaid Fibre Vouchers 3 day voucher

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<div style="display: none;"> Prepaid Fibre Vouchers 7 day voucher</div>

Prepaid Fibre Vouchers 7 day voucher

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<div style="display: none;">Prepaid Fibre Vouchers 30 day voucher</div>

Prepaid Fibre Vouchers 30 day voucher

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Extend your WiFi signal and stay connected by adding one of these devices to any DSL, LTE or Fibre deal.

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