To all our valued customers. Please be advised of our price increases on some of our fixed and mobile offerings. These pricing changes will be effective from the 1st of August 2022 for new and existing services. With the price increase also comes the added value that we will provide to our customers by offering an improved service experience and removing throttling policies in our Unlimited portfolio to offer a pure uncapped service and an upgrade on all DSL services below 5Mbps to up to 5Mbps as the entry-level DSL speed. We appreciate your continued support through trying times. Click below tabs to view the price increases.


fixed voice retail

fixed voice

dsl bundles retail

dsl bundles

fibre bundles retail

fibre bundles

mobile retail



dsl bundles retail smb

dsl bundles

fibre bundles retail smb

fibre bundles

fixed voice retail smb

fixed voice

The Small Print.

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