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Our Monate brings the family together. We’re all about helping you bond with your loved ones without any interruptions. This is why Telkom brings you great deals for endless connected family time. And because we’re all about people, we’ve got deals that’ll suit everyone. Get the 5Mbps DSL UNLIMITEDHome Lite at R199PM for 6 months, R329 thereafter*, or switch it up with the Monate 25Mbps Fibre at R399PM*. Looking for fibre in your area? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy endless streaming and downloads with the 25Mbps Uncapped Fibre pre-order deal for R449PM*.

<div style="display: none;">Uncapped DSL 5Mbps Promo - R199</div>

Uncapped DSL 5Mbps Promo - R199

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<div style="display: none;">Uncapped Fibre 25Mbps Promo - R399</div>

Uncapped Fibre 25Mbps Promo - R399

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<div style="display: none;">Uncapped Fibre 25Mbps - R449</div>

Uncapped Fibre 25Mbps - R449

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