We’ve just made it easier than it’s ever been to get the latest and greatest content in the wide world of entertainment – looooong before it’s available in stores.

Whether you’re with Telkom on a postpaid or prepaid deal, you can buy apps, games, books, music and movies on the Google Play™ Store and we'll either add it to your bill or take it from your airtime. It’s now that simple, and you can get it ALL from Telkom!

How to setup your device for Telkom Billing on the Google Play Store.

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  • 1 Sign in to Google Play Store.
  • 2 Select to join Google+ or skip the process.
  • 3 Accept Terms and Conditions.
  • 4 You now have access to Google Play.
  • 1 Open the Google Play Store on your device.
  • 2 Select the app you would like to buy and tap the price button.
  • 3 Select 'Use Telkom Billing' as your payment method.
  • 4 Enter your billing address to be stored in your Google account and tap 'SAVE'.
  • 5 Enter your Google account password to confirm your app purchase.
  • 6 Your app will start downloading if payment was successful.
  • 1 Tap the arrow next to the price of the app.
  • 2 Select 'Payment methods'.
  • 3 Select 'Use Telkom billing'.
  • 4 Enter your details and accept.
  • 5 Telkom Billing should now be stored as the default payment method.
  • 1 Go to http://wallet.google.com/manage on your browser.
  • 2 Sign in with the Google account that you use for buying apps.
  • 3 Click on the menu and select 'Payment methods'.
  • 4 Select your Telkom number from the list.
  • 5 Click remove and confirm removal.
  • 6 You will notice that Telkom Billing is not under 'Payment methods' anymore.
  • 1 Open the Google Play Store and select an app to purchase.
  • 2 Select 'Bill my Telkom account'.
  • 3 Enter your Google account password to confirm your purchase.
  • 4 Once your app has finished downloading, a 'Refund' button should be visible for two hours.
  • 5 Tap 'Yes' to confirm your refund.
  • 6 You will be refunded*
How to video Sign up for Telkom billing

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