Do you know what ADSL stands for? Well, the A stands for awesome... Ok, technically it stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, but it might as well. In a world that’s changing fast, this tried and trusted Telkom classic is still going strong.



Connect laptops, notebooks, smart phones, multimedia entertainment players, and readers at the same time.

Cheap and Cheerful

Cheap and Cheerful

High-speed connectivity at the same price every month. No surprises.



You always know what kind of speed you’re going to get – fast.  

Online 24/7

Online 24/7

ADSL is always on, so you won’t miss any emails or trending hashtags.

Fast ADSL 2Mbps
R166.45 Month To Month

Up to 2Mbps ADSL

Best seller
Faster ADSL 4Mbps
R301.62 Month To Month

Up to 4Mbps ADSL

Faster Plus ADSL 8Mbps
R402.50 Month To Month

Up to 8Mbps ADSL

Fastest ADSL 10Mbps
R428.73 Month To Month

Up to 10Mbps ADSL

Elite VDSL 20Mbps
R503.38 Month To Month

Up to 20Mbps ADSL and *VDSL

Elite Plus VDSL 40Mbps
R604.26 Month To Month

Up to 40Mbps *VDSL

All deals exclude a DSL installation fee of R792 (self- installation option available), line installation of R620, monthly line rental and data used.
Free WiFi-enabled modem is subject to a 24-month contract.
*VDSL: dependant on infrastructure availability.

The Small Print.

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