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Telkom Business presents a variety of new BizTalk packages to ensure that your business gets the most value from your access rental. The monthly subscription includes, line access rental, inclusive minutes, low out of bundle rates and free installation for new service customers.

Calling plans are offered on all access types; traditional single analogue lines, PBX lines (Junction), ISDN basic rate (BRI) and ISDN Primary rate (PRI). 

BizTalk All Net

BizTalk Unlimited

BizTalk Mulit-Line

BizTalk PRI

Telkom BizTalk All Net

The BizTalk All Net packages are perfect for small to medium operations that need to access multiple networks on a daily basis.

Telkom BizTalk All Net points 1

  • They offer a single call line.
  • Once the inclusive minutes are depleted the National and Fixed to Mobile calls will be rated at the out-of-bundle call rate of R0.79 per minute, billed on a pure per second basis.

Telkom BizTalk All Net points 2

  • All calls to other operators and calls to specific international destinations will also be billed at R0.79 per minute, on a pure per-second basis.

Telkom BizTalk Unlimited Plans

The Telkom BizTalk Unlimited Plan offers 2 variations on the plans – BizTalk Unlimited Lite and BizTalk Completely Unlimited. The BizTalk Unlimited Plans are ideal for business operations that have daily dependencies on regular calls.

Telkom BizTalk Unlimited points 1

  • Lines offered on analogue (PTSN/ADSL).
  • BizTalk Unlimited Plans offer a single line.
  • BizTalk Unlimited Lite offers unlimited minutes, Telkom fixed-to-Telkom fixed and 500 Telkom fixed-to-mobile minutes.

Telkom BizTalk Unlimited points 2

  • Once the inclusive fixed to mobile are depleted, fixed to mobile calls are charged at R0.79 (incl. VAT) per minute and billed on a per-second basis.
  • The Completely Unlimited offers unlimited minutes from Telkom fixed-to-Telkom fixed and Telkom Fixed to Mobile.*
    *FUP applies

Telkom BizTalk Multiline

Telkom BizTalk 800 - 2800 Multiline Plans are a range of calling plans that allow you to link between 2-4 lines to a plan, allowing more than one line to benefit from the call and line savings. Based on the call needs of your business, you can select the plan that best suits your usage.

Telkom BizTalk ISDN PRI

Telkom BizTalk ISDN provides the functionality to connect a phone system and is the perfect package for high-volume call requirements such as customer care and fulfilment centres. It is an affordable solution that provides peace of mind that you can always reach your customers.

Telkom BizTalk PRI points 1

  • This plan is subject to signing a 3- or 5-year contract term. It is available on a per line basis and only ISDN PRI calling plans can benefit from the inclusive minutes and out-of-bundle rates. 
  • The BizTalk ISDN PRI 5 000- and 10 000-minute bundles subscription includes monthly ISDN PRI line rental, inclusive National and Fixed to Mobile voice minutes, once the inclusive minutes are depleted calls will be rated at an out-of-bundle rate of R0.79 per minute including VAT on pure per second billing.

Telkom BizTalk PRI points 2

  • Calls to other operators and calls to specific international destinations will also be billed at R0.79 per minute including VAT, on a pure per second basis.

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