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How to set up your WiFi hotspot

  • Select ‘Settings’ on the home screen
  • Scroll down and select ‘Wireless & Networks’
  • Select ‘Tethering & Portable hotspot’
    Click on ‘WiFi hotspot’ and thereafter ‘WLAN switch’ to enable the WiFi hotspot
    Option 1: Select ‘WLAN switch’ to enable the WiFi hotspot
    Option 2: ‘Keep the WiFi hotspot’ lets you select how long you want the WiFi hotspot to be active
    Option 3: ‘Set up WiFi hotspot’ allows you to edit the details for your WiFi hotspot
    Option 4: ‘Connected users’ shows the number of active connections
  • Rename your ‘Network SSID’ to recognise it easier
  • Set your security to ‘WPA2 – PSK’ to set up a password for your hotspot
  • Create a unique password to prevent unauthorised access to your device

How to make the most of your internet connection:

- Wirelessly connect multiple devices: A WiFi hotspot at the office can wirelessly connect multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, to one internet connection. This allows the entire office to do anything online at the same time and on the same connection.

- Automatically sync mobile devices: Mobile data is perfect for when your staff are out and about, but it can be up to four times more expensive than fixed line data. When you are at the office, it makes more sense to use the internet data as the cost per MB (megabyte) is lower.

- Access your Telkom Internet data bundle from anywhere: With the Telkom Integrated Data services your sales-staff are able to access the Telkom Internet fixed data bundle from any mobile device, such as WiFi router, Tablet or 3G USB modem, via a Telkom Internet SIM. This means that your staff will be able to connect and use the internet when the DSL is not working. You can also use the Telkom Integrated Data service when you are on the move.