Your data balance is 0MB – don’t you hate it when that happens? And it’s always in the middle of a cute cat video, a juicy article or just as you’re posting the status update of the century. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom with our once-off data bundles.

Pick the Once-off Data Bundles that's right for you.

25 MB
R7.25 Once Off

In-bundle rate: 29c

a50 MB
R14.50 Once Off

In-bundle rate: 29c

100 MB
R29.00 Once Off

In-bundle rate: 29c

250 MB
R39.00 Once Off

In-bundle rate: 16c

500 MB
R69.00 Once Off

In-bundle rate: 14c

a1 GB
R99.00 Once Off

In-bundle rate: 10c

a2 GB
R139.00 Once Off

In-bundle rate: 7c

R199.00 Once Off

In-bundle rate: 6c

a5 GB
R299.00 Once Off

In-bundle rate: 6c

a10 GB
R499.00 Once Off

In-bundle rate: 5c

a20 GB
R899.00 Once Off

In-bundle rate: 4c

a50 GB
R1 799.00 Once Off

In-bundle rate: 4c

a100 GB
R3 199.00 Once Off

In-bundle rate: 3c

How to buy a bundle.
Dial *180# option 1

Dial *180# and choose ‘bundle purchase’

Log on option 2

Log on to our self-service portal

On the Telkom option 3

On the Telkom mobile app for iOS or Android, but you’ll need data to log on!

Buy at Telkom option 4

Buy at Telkom, FNB, Absa ATMs, Nedbank, Edcon, Shoprite, Dunns, Pick n’ Pay, Ackermans, PEP or Spar

The Small Print.

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