Fibre is the future.

What is FTTH or Fibre to the Home?

Its Broadband that’s ready for anything, Fibre is the Future.

Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) provides an end-to-end fibre optic connection, the full distance from the Telkom exchange to your home and can deliver faster speeds than traditional copper services. It’s the latest in Fixed Broadband Technology and we have got you covered.

Visit to see if you in the fibre footprint.

Why I need Fibre to the Home (FTTH) ?

Today’s entertainment needs speed, whether it’s streaming your tv shows in HD (High Definition) or 4K quality, or whether you are a serious real time online gamer or need Home internet, for that, there’s only one choice — Telkom Internet powered by FTTH that offers you the below… (Click the below icons to see more)

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  • Our 100% fibre network provides the fastest speeds available to do just about anything and everything online.
  • Pick your speed from up to 10Mbps to up to 200Mbps
  • Experience real-time gaming with less lags and low latency (feel the experience as if you’re in the game).
  • Take streaming to the next level with virtually no buffering whether on High Definition (HD) or Ultra High Definition experience the nail-biting moments to its finest details in the movie.
  • Enjoy high quality video calls with friends and family abroad.
  • Say bye-bye to faults and long waiting times for the service to   be restored – it’s weather-resistant and can handle the storm.
  • Its not about having super fast speeds – its about NO limitations.
  • Do more online, on more devices.
  • Keeps everyone in the home connected. Its broadband that’s always there when you need it.
  • Do more online on more devices, either uploading or  downloading like there’s nothing to it, – so you can stream, download or game to your heart’s content
  • Telkom Internet delivers entertainment to your home at affordable prices loaded with value.
  • Choose a Bundle  that is perfect for exactly what you and your family do online.
  • Our 24 month term covers you for  the installation, router and activation charges

We give you the modem, you choose a package.

Don’t fear the Fibre Installation, it's easier than you think

Check if you are in the coverage footprint and place your order.

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Check our coverage map ( to see if you reside within one of our fibre areas.

Call 10213, visit the Telkom shop or go online to to order your fibre bundle.

Once the order is processed, a service representative will contact you for an appointment to do the installation.

When the technician arrives to do the installation, please ensure the router is installed in a suitable place to get maximum WiFi coverage or close to your devices if you want to connect via the LAN cable.

WiFi extenders are also available for sale to extend WiFi reach in the home to get the best possible experience.

These are some questions that are asked frequently:

Can I use my own modem

In short, yes. But our fibre deals are not only great from a price point of view, they all come with their own modems when you sign up for a 24-month contract. If you’d rather use your own, you’re welcome to do that!

What are the installation requirements

First and foremost, you need to be in a Telkom fibre area. Although it's rolling out fast, not all areas qualify for fibre at the moment - you can check your coverage here
If it's all good in your hood, all that remains is for you to be present on the day of the installation, and our technicians will do the rest. 

The Small Print.

For Terms and Conditions, follow this link: