Advance your communications into the cloud with hosted PBX.

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What are the features of Hosted PBX?

The features of Hosted PBX are listed below. Please note that features are subject to the specific license purchased.

  • Extension dialling
  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Hunt groups
  • Conference Calling
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • Single number reach
  • Auto attendants
  • Music on hold


Say goodbye to unnecessary time, money and effort spent on keeping your PBX up and running. Instead, say hello to speedy deployment, easy-management and cuttingedge communication technology at a fraction of the cost, by moving your PBX to the cloud. Telkom Business’s Hosted PBX is a highly scalable business communications service that does everything your traditional on-site PBX does, plus more.

It is ideal for small and medium businesses – or even the branch offices of larger companies – that want to be smart about benefiting from advanced communications services, saving money, and keeping focussed on what they are best at. Be ready for unified communications and fixed-mobile convergence services, shift your spend from capex to opex and reduce risk by hosting your PBX in Telkom Business’s world-class data centres.

Why choose Telkom Business for a Hosted PBX?

To fully benefit from a Hosted PBX, you need to be sure that your communications partner has well-developed infrastructure and the expertise and experience to unlock the value in a hosted offering. Telkom Business runs the largest tier 3 and 4 data centres in South Africa, offering mature, world-class hosting services supported by highly specialised professionals. This really is the best fixed and mobile broadband network in South Africa.

What are the benefits of Hosted PBX?

  • Your spend shiftsfrom capex to opex
  • You only pay for what you need
  • No more clunky kit in your office
  • Your team gets to focus on building your business, not merely keeping your business up and running
  • No technology risk and you’re always using the latest version

Plus there are benefits specific to Telkom Business’s Hosted PBX:

  • Save up to 25% of your existing PBX costs
  • Improved productivity thanks to better communications and collaboration
  • Improved efficiency: your communication systems just work
  • Better customer service: ensure the right person answers the phone fast
  • Simple to manage via the web
  • Tailor the service for different users according to their job function
  • Keep your existing geographic numbers


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