Optimise your Wide Area Network and improve your response time, or manage your Local Area Network with the additional management of switches.

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What are the features of LAN Element Management

Our LAN Element Management (LEM) solution was designed to bridge the gap in providing an extension from the usual router management that is offered by the VPNS solution to the additional management of switches. 

  • Management of switches and all trunk links between the managed routers and switches.
  • Proactive monitoring of up/down status of the LAN switches via the trunk port.
  • Network design, switch maintenance, configuration and installations.
  • Hardware maintenance and repair/replacement.
  • Cabling, inside the same cabinet, between the router and the switches.
  • Monitoring and reporting on the availability and performance (bandwidth utilisation and CPU memory).
  • Software upgrades are uploaded to all the devices, as it becomes available.

What are the features of WAN Optimisation?

WAN Optimisation speeds up the response time of slow network applications across the wide-area network. This optimises the transfer of data over the WAN and provides comprehensive network monitoring and management functions.

  • Active management of the optimisation devices such that failures will be detected and reacted upon without the need to phone the support desk
  • Capabilities that reduce application and packet transfer latency, thus accelerating application response times
  • Compression techniques that reduce redundant data transfers and decrease the bandwidth that is consumed between branches
  • Secure web interface whereby customers can monitor traffic statistics, check network performance, track orders, review services and report faults

What are the benefits of WAN Optimisation?

  • Consolidation of costly branch office servers and storage into centrally managed data centres
  • Organisational improvement through enhanced employee productivity
  • Reduced bandwidth use
  • Simplicity with easily managed WAN via the central management system
  • The ability to view the application performance and application types traversing the network
  • A centralized server infrastructure that reduces IT infrastructure costs (CAPEX), support complexities and support staff (OPEX)

What are the benefits of LAN Element Management?

Simply put, it helps you manage everything on your LAN from the router to the switch.

  • Enterprises can focus on the core business while Telkom manages all the ICT needs.
  • Business convenience with one provider for all Network Related Queries.
  • Increased efficiency with the eliminated responsibility for configuration management.
  • Improved productivity due to:
  • Increased availability of LAN experts to complete complex tasks.
  • Increased availability of IT staff to focus on the more mission-critical projects.
  • Less downtime on critical devices thus greater staff productivity.

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