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The MultiSIM service conveniently lets you share services such as data bundles, voice minutes, SMS bundles and spend limit from a primary contract SIM card with up to four additional SIM cards.This is perfect for you if you are using multiple devices!

What are the features of MultiSim?

  • The Data MultiSIM service is available to all Telkom Business Mobile postpaid voice and data customers.
  • The primary SIM will be provisioned with contract packages.
  • The primary SIM can have any of the post-paid internet packages, such as SmartInternet and SmartBroadband plans. (internet 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5 Promo, 6 and 7) or any of the post-paid voice packages (contract 1, 2, 3, 3s, 3 PLUS, 4, 4s, 7s and 10s).
  • The primary rate plans will also include the new mobile broadband plans viz. Smart Internet and the new smartphone plans viz SmartPlan recently launched.
  • Shared data services from one contract can be consumed from multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and modems.
  • Up to 4 (four) additional SIM cards can be linked to the primary SIM.
  • One bill is received for all the SIM cards in your Data MultiSIM group.
  • All SIM cards can be used simultaneously in the Data MultiSIM service group in multiple devices.
  • Once the shared data resources are exhausted, the primary SIM will use its own out of bundle rates which are different from the secondary SIM’s out of bundle rates.
  • Port in and port out is supported for both primary and secondary SIM’s.
  • Conversion and migration are supported for both primary and secondary SIM cards.

What are the benefits of MultiSim?

  • Excellent Value with reduced costs on shared data bundles, voice minutes, SMS bundles and spend limit from a primary contract SIM card with up to 4 (four) additional SIM cards.
  • Increased business convenience with the ability to share services from one SIM card.
  • Simplicity with the ability to view balances on multiple platforms.


  • Each additional linked SIM carries a R9 monthly subscription.
  • Out of bundle rates for secondary SIM’s shall be R1.00 per MB for data and R2.75 per minute on a per second billing increment for voice.
  • Multi SIM service shall be available through the following channels; Telkom Direct Stores, new Telkom 8ta stores and 8ta flagship stores.

How to manage usage and view balances

  • For balance enquiries, dial *188# to view balances on your cellphone or modem dashboard, or send an SMS on your cellphone or on your modem dashboard to 188.
  • Log in to our Self Care portal to purchase bundles and view balance’s at
  • Purchase bundles via USSD by dialling *180# on your cellphone or modem dashboard.


  • Available on all new packages, except Unlimited Voice plans (Completely Unlimited; Unlimited Lite), or Unlimited Data plans (SmartInternet Unlimited).
  • The BIS will only be used by the SIM that has subscribed to the BlackBerry Service, but the 500MB data bundle can be shared by all SIM cards in the Data MultiSIM group.
  • Only the primary SIM may be able to transfer airtime.
  • Unlimited plans and VAS are excluded from being shared in the Data MultiSIM group, including unlimited Wi-Fi, unlimited Telkom Mobile calls and unlimited SMSs. Calls to one free Telkom landline.

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