<p>Communication is the key to any business, so make sure that you build it on a solid foundation. Choose the communication solution that suits the size and nature of your business.</p>

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The OptiCon IPECS Range offers a fully distributed pure IP communication solutions that are a revolution for small and medium enterprises. The IPECS Platform seamlessly integrates voice and data, full fixed-mobile convergence and unified communications, at a cost that is aligned with the budgetary constraints of the SME.

At the heart of the IPECS Solution is the IPECS Call Server (Master Gateway). This highly reliable purpose-built Call Server controls and maintains communications between endpoints and shared network resources. The Call Server makes available an extensive set of features from Basic (Hold, Transfer, etc.) to more advanced functions (Least Call Routing, Incoming Call Distribution, etc.). Users can easily access features – often through a single button on the phone. IPECS offers an array of terminals so each user has the right communications tool for the job. Selection from the LIP 8000E and 9000 Series desk-top terminals, IPECS WiFi or DECT phones, PC or PDA Softphones or SLT as appropriate for each user.

The system offers redundancy via backup components in the event of failure, mishap or change in operational conditions as well as distributed architecture where remote terminals and gateways are distributed throughout the IP network but still form part of the main OptiCon IPECS PBX solution. It caters to the technology orientated customers in the medium and large segments and with its distributed architecture it offers all the advantages and cost savings associated with this type of PBX systems.

Modular IPECS Gateways, which easily connects to the Calls Server over any IP Network Interface, to an array of network resources from analogue telephone circuits to advanced VoIP connections. The simple modular structure yields flexible configurations and installations to meet any business’ needs now and in the future.

What are the features for PBX OptiCon?

  • Available as a term rental option (2, 3 and 5-year term contracts)
  • Integration of instant messaging, presence information, telephony video conferencing, data sharing, call control and speech recognition
  • Modular fully distributed IP architecture
  • Optional IP Call Recorder
  • Optional IP attendant
  • Optional Optimus Call Centre Solution
  • Optional telephone management system

What are the benefits for PBX OptiCon?

  • Simplicity with advanced, user-friendly features
  • Convenience with the ability to upgrade as your business grows
  • Increased productivity with effective integration of voice and data, full fixed-mobile convergence and unified communications
  • Best value with flexible and affordable financing options with a 2, 3, 4 and 5-year term rental contract
  • Comprehensive maintenance
  • Cost saving through backwards compatibility with previous IPECS terminals
  • Various value added options to enhance your experience and cater to your needs

What can OptiCon Micro do for my business?

Peace of Mind

  • With the OptiCon Micro complete peace of mind is obtained since comprehensive maintenance that even covers damage due to lightning is standard as part of the rental offering. Whether it’s your telephone lines or the PBX that has a problem, its Telkom’s responsibility. We take care of all of these, so if any needs attention, a problem can be resolved through one call instead of many.

Cost Saving

  • The OptiCon Micro PBX utilizes the same call management tools as the rest of the OptiCon family to control telephone usage such as Call Barring, Speed Dial, etc. No initial installation fee is payable.


  • The wireless extensions connected to the Robust Wireless handset give you mobility to walk and talk within the coverage area.

What is OptiCon Smart Business Gateway?

The Smart Business Gateway (SBG) is the new Internet Protocol Enterprise Solution (IPECS) below 50 ports, designed to meet the needs of small to medium enterprise businesses giving one both voice and data capabilities in one single solution. The SBG uses advanced packet, voice and IP switching technology, which is combined with feature rich PBX functionality, to set a new standard in Voice over IP (VoIP) communications, it’s the obvious solution for your business communications. What’s more, you can add call management tools to view different call patterns and reports and also to enforce your outgoing call budget policy by blocking outgoing calls once the set limit was exceeded per extension or forced account code. 

The SBG also offers a file and print server. All the users that are connected to the same LAN will be able to store and retrieve documents on one storage device and will also be able to print on a single printer. If that’s not enough up to 48 PCs could be connected on the LAN either wired or wireless through the SBG, to give you a complete “Office in a Box” so to speak. If Internet access is important to your business you can connect the SBG to an ADSL modem that supports 3G failover in case the landline goes down. The SBG can also network to a larger Telkom supplied OptiCon IPECS system, making it an ideal satellite office that can function on its own and still be part of the main office.

System features and capacity of the OptiCon Smart Business Gateway include

The OptiCon SBGPBX offers Data, Voice and Video on the same infrastructure. You can make your voice calls from a wide variety of instruments, at the same time run up to 48 PC on broadband services and do video calls all on the same LAN cabling and the same device. (For broadband services additional ASDL modem and service is required). The SBG is a full IP PBX that offers wireless connections to both Voice instruments as well as PCs. All our existing Telephone management systems such as Teltrace Office and BCM can be connected to the SBG that has a full firewall and wireless data protection with an embedded DHCP server. With an embedded print and file server, all PCs that are connected to the same LAN can print to one printer on the network and save their files to one centralised storage device 

Flexible Financing

Telkom’s terms are flexible and affordable. Instead of being locked into one PBX system for life, you can choose a term rental contract and receive generous discounts-without losing the freedom to upgrade when it suits you. On the other hand, if outright purchase makes the most business sense, Telkom may be able to assist you with a convenient payment plan. On rent systems, maintenance is part of the Telkom PBX solution, meaning there are no hidden costs to pay for later. Our term rental contracts (2,3 and 5 years) offer generous monthly rental discounts and depending on which term contract you choose include free installation. Only Telkom can take care of your lines and your PBX equipment, giving new meaning to the expression ‘one-stop shop’.

  • Line Capacity: 4 Lines (PSTN) Plus fax and 4 SIP lines
  • PBX Capacity: Up to 24 extensions, Wired (LAN) or Wireless, 1 Fax with auto fax detection
  • Choice of Handsets: DECT Terminal, Robust Handsets, WiFi Handset, Mobile (Android or iOS) device and IP Terminals
  • Voicemail and Auto Attendant: 240 minutes
  • System Speed Dial: 800
  • Call Hold and Call Transfer: Yes
  • Conference Call: Yes
  • Calling Party Identification: Yes
  • Attendants: 1
  • Alarm Doorbell: 1
  • External Control Relay: 1
  • Internal Page Zone: 10
  • VoIP/SIP: 4
  • Authorisation Codes: 100


What can OptiCon SBG do for my business?

  • The full IP, OptiCon SBG PBX utilizes state-of-the-art technology to offer an extensive range of modern features, facilities and solutions that meet the highly demanding communication requirements of modern business. 
  • The system makes use of wireless and or wired IP terminals to address the telephone needs from the executive office to the reception area. 
  • With IPECS Communicator your Mobile device (Android or IOS) becomes an extension of your PBX. 
  • Should your mains power be temporarily disrupted, the Power Fail Transfer unit will ensure that incoming calls are routed to an extension so that you don’t lose that all-important call. T
  • The file and Print server ensures that every PC connected to the LAN is connected to one Printer and storage device. 
  • Embedded firewall and DHCP server secure your network.


What can the OptiCon do for your business?

  • If sophisticated, high-tech and reliable telecommunications with technology investment protection are what you require for your business, then Telkom's OptiCon is your natural choice. The OptiCon IP and OptiCon IPEC offers you the ability to leverage the advantages of IP (Internet Protocol) technology to experience the lower total cost of ownership of an integrated voice and data solution. The OptiCon IP and OptiCon IPECS utilizes state-of-the-art convergence (OptiCon IP) and full IP technology (OptiCon IPECS) to offer an extensive range of modern features, facilities and solutions that meets the highly demanding communication requirements of modern business. The OptiCon will assist you in outlining a successful future for all your business's communication needs. The OptiCon is available as both an outright purchase and rental option. The rental option is Telkom's specialized solution to give you peace-of-mind with no technology risk. The decision is yours as to which option best suits your business.

What exactly is the OptiCon and what makes it so special? 

  • Manufactured by Ericson-LG, the OptiCon's intelligent architecture simply lets you configure the best solution for your needs, easily communicates with others, improve employee productivity, enhance your customer's contact experience and could lower the total cost of ownership by leveraging of a single IP infrastructure for both your voice and data requirements.
  • OptiCon IPECS employs IP at its core to route calls and manage communications to deliver a complete and sophisticated set of integral features and functions to simplify your internal telephony needs and share those expensive external communication needs.
  • Office mobility and anywhere connectivity is one of the major advantages of the OptiCon PBX range.
  • It is a highly advanced, cost effective, efficient and sophisticated solution. It's easy to use and is designed to meet the challenging communication needs of small, medium and larger sized business offices.
  • Employing Universal Card Slot modular architecture, the cabinets house an array of plug-in Printed Circuit Boards for various network and terminal interfaces.
  • The OptiCon can be tailored to meet the short and long-term needs of even the most sophisticated business and most demanding users.
  • The OptiCon will enable you to make all the right moves to gain the ideal competitive edge over your competitors.

What about OptiCon maintainence? 

  • Telkom offers a one-stop maintenance service. If you experience any problems, you only need to make a phone call and the fault will be cleared, regardless of whether the fault is due to the OptiCon system or the exchange line.
  • Remote access on the OptiCon enables our technicians to test and program the system from their service centers. Problems with the system can therefore be traced and often repaired remotely without the technician having to visit your premises.
  • Repairs can be carried out quickly and efficiently, without causing any inconvenience or disruptions.

What can OptiCon eMG do for my business?


  • The OptiCon eMG offers a host of different extension instruments ranging from wireless DECT handsets, wireless WiFi handsets, a full range of IP Terminals, Digital Terminals, Analogue telephones, soft clients such as IP-Soft Phone Basic and SoftPhone Deluxe, IPECS Communicator and UCS Mobile and UCS desktop client. 

Call Management 

  • If call management is important for your business then you can also connect Teltrace Office (TEM Suite), Teltrace Office Pro and Business Credit Manager (BCM) packages on the eMG. Teltrace Office packages offer user-defined reports on the system call patterns while the BCM will allow you to manage extension budgets by restricting outgoing calls once the set limit was reached.


  • Networking can be done on the eMG, this simply means your main office could be an IPECS PBX and your branches could all be eMG PBXs. Prerequisite is a Public static IP address or Telkom DNS on Telkom ADSL line at the main PBX. We recommend any VPN service.

IPECS Communicator

  • IPECS Communicator software client can be loaded onto any Android or IOS (Apple) smartphone. The mobile phone becomes an extension of the PBX and thus calls could be made from the mobile phone via the PBX using a normal exchange connection. The capability is also available from remote locations as long as there is WiFi connection to the internet. 3G calls are also possible, the prerequisite on the PBX is that a Public static IP is required or a Dynamic DNS on this ADSL is available.


  • The softphone is a simple desktop software tool to replace or complement your desk phone enabling you to use your PC as a phone. Our Softphone Deluxe also supports video conferencing.

IPECS Attendant

An operator console which includes an embedded softphone for both hotel and office environments.

  • Operating without an external phone
  • Call recording / Call statistics / Call history
  • Check-in/ out, wake up call, room status, room cut off

IPCR Call Recorder

  • Our call recording and monitoring solution tightly integrate with IPECS, SBG and eMG call platforms and our OptiCon contact centre solutions.
  • Centralised or distributed call recording
  • Encryption enabled call recording
  • Multi-party conference call recording up to 13 party access

Cost effective and expandable VoIP technology

  • The eMG platform includes advanced VoIP technology supporting SIP trunking, Fixed Mobile Collaboration, remote connectivity and multi-site networking.
  • Utilize the latest network technologies to help your business stay competitive and win.

What is OptiCon Micro?

OptiCon Micro PBX with wireless extensions offers the same features and functionality as the larger OptiCon PBX range including Voicemail, Auto Attendant and Automatic Fax detection. All the extensions are wireless so there is no need for indoor reticulation.

Modern state-of-the-art PBX

  • The digital, OptiCon Micro PBX utilises state-of-the-art technology to offer an extensive range of modern features, facilities and solutions that meets the highly demanding communication requirements of modern business.
  • The system makes use of wireless DECT terminals and handsets to address the telephone needs from the executive office to the reception area.
  • Should your mains power be temporarily disrupted, the Power Fail Transfer unit will ensure that incoming calls are routed to the FAX/ Telephone extension so that you don't lose that all-important Call. 

Free initial training and maintenance

  • The rental price includes free maintenance that even covers damage due to lightning. 
  • All our offerings include free initial operator training.

Flexible finance options

  • Our OptiCon PBX range of PBXs are available on outright purchase, Month to Month rental or term rental discount plans (2, 3 and 5 years)
  • The longer the term the more monthly discount you receive
  • All our rental offerings include free maintenance that even covers damage due to lightning. 
  • All our OptiCon PBX offerings include free initial operator training.

What is OptiCon eMG PBX?

OptiCon eMG PBX Delivers simple and reliable telephony with a rich feature set that empowers your business to save money, drive productivity and increases customer satisfaction. With a range of embedded features that help your business compete and win, the flexibility to meet the needs of office, home or road worriers, the OptiCon eMG is Your Communications Solution. OptiCon eMG adopts VoIP technologies running on an optimized IP/TDM hybrid switching platform. The ability to communicate seamlessly over IP networks delivers advantages over existing hybrid technologies permitting SMBs to access efficiency and productive applications in a simple and cost-effective manner.

  • Line Capacity: 28 Lines (Mix of VoIP/SIP/ISDN/PSTN)
  • PBX Capacity: Up to 24 extensions, Wired (LAN) or Wireless, 1 Fax with auto fax detection
  • Choice of Handsets: DECT Terminal, Robust Handsets, WiFi Handset, Mobile (Android or iOS) device, Digital Terminals and Telephones
  • Voicemail and Auto Attendant: 240 Minutes
  • System Speed Dial: 3000
  • Call Hold and Call Transfer: Yes
  • Conference Call: Yes
  • Calling Party Identification: Yes
  • Attendants: 4
  • Alarm Doorbell: 1
  • External Control Relay: 1
  • External Page Port: 1
  • VoIP/SIP: 4
  • Authorisation Codes: 140

System features and capacity of the OptiCon Micro include

  • Line Capacity: 3 Lines (PSTN) Plus Fax
  • PBX Capacity: 1 base station plus 7 wireless phones + Fax or SLT
  • Choice of Wireless Handsets: DECT terminal, robust DECT Handset
  • Voicemail and Auto Attendant: 279 minutes of announcement and message storage
  • System Speed Dials: 800
  • Call Hold and Call Transfer: Yes
  • Conference Call: Yes
  • Calling Party Identification: Yes
  • Call Waiting and Call Forward: Yes
  • Maximum Number of Simultaneous Calls: 6 (3 external and 3 internal)
  • Do Not Disturb: Yes

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