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What is SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid LTE?

LTE is a lightning-fast wireless internet connection that packs a punch, with enough power for you to do more of the things you love at home or on-the-go. But like all connections, there’s always one place you use it the most.

SmartBroadBand Wireless Prepaid lets you buy extra LTE/LTE-A Once-Off bundles to use at home or on-the-go, so you never have to stop and count your megs.

What’s the difference between broadband LTE and Mobile Wireless 3G?

Telkom operates a powerful and fast LTE network that is on average 10-15 times faster than 3G. Telkom LTE Prepaid works within Telkom LTE coverage so it is important to check coverage first. 3G is more suited to mobile phones whereas LTE is more suited to fast broadband for home and office connectivity. Telkom LTE is also suitable for use when you want to be mobile using Mi-Fi portable routers that allow you high speed internet on the go.

Why Prepaid LTE?

This is it! The time has come to connect, learn, work and entertain from home or on-the-go. Music? Webinars? Movies? Zoom meetings? Games? Series? Socials? No problem! Prepaid LTE makes it possible for the whole family to do more of the things they love.

Great value for money

With Telkom’s Prepaid LTE SIM card and a MiFi router, you can connect the whole family and enjoy super-fast speeds by connecting multiple devices using a suitable device. In South Africa we rely mostly on cellphones for the internet, so we’re often loading and topping up data, which can be heavy on the pocket. With no contract and great value for money, Prepaid LTE gives you loads of data at an affordable price.

How are Prepaid LTE bundles different from mobile data bundles?

  • Offers total mobility (where Telkom coverage exists)
  • Affordable – control your spend on internet access
  • No commitment, no contract. Top up whenever you need to
  • Can stream your entertainment wherever you are (Netlfix, Showmax, etc)

Other connectivity options

If Prepaid LTE is not exactly what you're looking for right now, find out about a variety of alternative Telkom home connectivity solutions. Choose from a range of  postpaid LTE , DSL or Telkom Fibre deals and enjoy a strong, fast and secure internet connection.

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