Telkom has been connecting you since we said: “molo mhlobo wam”. With our new Smart Satellite Services, we’re ensuring access to super-fast uncapped internet and high-quality voice connectivity solutions to remote areas. So, you and your family can shop, bank, work, school and stream videos, music and movies from the comfort of your home.

Benefits of Smart Satellite Services

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When Fibre, LTE or DSL aren’t an option due to your location, Telkom’s Smart Satellite Services will keep you online.

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Get your satellite router and dish installed.

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Fast, affordable and reliable uncapped internet connectivity, wherever you are.

Smart Satellite Internet Plans

<div style="display:none">5mbps Internet plan</div>

5mbps Internet plan

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<div style="display:none">10mbps Internet plan</div>

10mbps Internet plan

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<div style="display:none">20mbps Internet plan</div>

20mbps Internet plan

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Smart Satellite VoIP Calling Plans

Add a Voice service as a bolt-on to your internet package and keep your landline number.

How it works

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