Smart One-Rate is a flat rate tariff plan on a Telkom Business Mobile postpaid contract that offers a single flat rate for Voice, Data and SMS's.

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Smart One-Rate offers very competitive rates on a single package thus reducing confusion around in-bundle and out-bundle rates.
Your choice becomes simple and uncertainty as a result of different operators, offering different packages, with different in-bundle benefits, on-net versus off-net and peak versus off-peak calling, is significantly reduced.

What are the features of Smart One-Rate?

  • SIM Only Cost: R49 per month
  • Voice Flat Rate: R0.79 per minute
  • SMS: R0.21 per message
  • Data: R0.15 per MB
  • MMS: R0.21 per message up to 300kb
  • International SMS: R1.50 per message
  • International MMS: R4.50 per message up to 300kb
  • Billing of calls: per second billing

Smart One-Rate TopUp includes: 

  • SIM-only cost is R49 (no device included)
  • Flat rate (Voice) R0.79
  • Messaging (SMS) R0.21
  • Data (per MB) R0.15
  • MMS up to 300kb R0.21
  • International SMS R1.50 per SMS
  • International MMS (per 300kB) R4.50
  • Free Wi-Fi at Telkom Mobile hotspots (10GB Fair Usage Policy applies)

What are the benefits of Smart One-Rate?

  • Excellent Value with highly competitive rates in a single package for in-bundle and out-bundle rates
  • Free of charge Value Added Services (VAS) for increased business convenience. These include
    • Call forward
    • Call waiting
    • Voicemail
    • Telkom Mobile Call Me
    • Transfer airtime
  • Simplicity with one single plan at one rate

International Calls

Please click here for a list of international destinations with calls from R0.89