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Tariff Plans

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Data Products and Services

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Voice Products and Services

Prepaid Tariff Plans

Telkom tariff plans enable you to stay connected while living the best of your monate. These prepaid plans are tailored to fit just about any pocket and made to suit your individual needs.

Connect with Prepaid Data Products and Services

Z’khipa more with Telkom’s prepaid plans. We’re always bringing you monate so you can chat, stream and download all your favourite viewings and tunes. There’s nothing better than this!


Say it like you want with voice products and services

Value added services

<div style="display: none">Value added services Data transfer</div>

Value added services Data transfer

Data transfer

We all need data to stay connected, and when your data runs out, it feels like the whole world stops. Fortunately with Data Bundle Transfer, you can share your data with anyone at no extra cost.

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<div style="display: none">Value added services Airtime transfer</div>

Value added services Airtime transfer

Airtime transfer

We make it convenient for you to keep your loved ones connected by offering airtime transfers from Telkom Mobile to other Telkom prepaid customers. Keep your monate going with airtime transfer.

<div style="display: none">Value added services Emergency Top up</div>

Value added services Emergency Top up

Emergency Top Up

What to do when you’re out of airtime and don’t have money? Emergency Top Up allows Telkom Prepaid and Top Up customers to get immediate access to airtime when you have no airtime but are unable to recharge.

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<div style="display: none">A Loyalty Funeral cover made for you!</div>

A Loyalty Funeral cover made for you!

A Loyalty Funeral Cover made for you!

We’re not just about connecting you instantly. We’re all about connecting people beyond! Telkom Loyalty Funeral Cover, Underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited, is a Value-Added Service aimed at Prepaid customers with the exclusion of Post-paid and Hybrid customers. Take control of how you protect your loved ones financially while grieving with a funeral cover that’s convenient and easy on the pocket.

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