Telkom has made streaming on your mobile device, anywhere, much easier and more affordable.  If you want to continue streaming your favourite music or videos while commuting or while you wait for your meeting.

These Mobile streaming bundles are the ones for you.

Save on mobile data costs by topping up with an affordable Video and Music streaming mobile data bundle from Telkom.

Affordable mobile data bundles to stream video from a host of content providers like YouTube, Netflix, and Showmax as well as stream audio music from providers like Simfy Africa and Apple Music.

Telkom Streaming Data bundles have been developed to provide Telkom Mobile customers with affordable data to stream content available from all Telkom Content Partners.

Our Video streaming partners include:

YouTube (incl. YouTube Music), Netflix, Showmax, DStv Now and Google Play Movies & TV

Our Music streaming partners include:

Apple Music, Simfy Africa and Cliff Central. 


Please take note that Google Play Music has been shut down by Google and Google has replaced it with YouTube Music effective as from 31 December 2020.  Telkom has subsequently removed Google Play Music as a Telkom Music content partner.  Since YouTube Music will offer video streaming of music it will be a new Telkom Video content partner. Our legacy FreeMe customers on a 2GB or higher FreeMe plan will no longer be able to use their allocated LIT Music data allowance to stream YouTube Music. Our legacy FreeMe customers on 5GB and higher plans streaming music/video from YouTube Music will still consume from their LIT Video data allowance. There is no impact on the current FreeMe offers since the Data for streaming allows for streaming from both Music and Video content partners. Telkom Streaming Content Partners may vary as additional partners are onboarded or existing partners exit the Content partner relationship. Refer to link below for more information regarding this Google music change:

Streaming bundles offer a single bundle for all streaming purposes, provided it is a Telkom content partner. 

After topping up with a Streaming data bundle – streaming content from these partners will consume data from your streaming data bundle and not from your plan data.  The Telkom Streaming bundles can consume both video and music content from our Music & Video Streaming partners.

All our new FreeMe plans, as from the smallest variation, FreeMe 800MB, comes with an additional Data allocation for streaming that can be used on both our Video as well as Music streaming partners platforms.  Should you require more data for streaming during the month you can purchase an additional Streaming bundle valid for 24-hours, 7 days or 31 days.   In order to buy just dial *180# from your mobile phone, followed by the option for Bundle Purchases, followed by the option for LIT Bundle, then select LIT Streaming Bundle.

Please note when subscribing to the LIT Streaming Music bolt-on data bundle via USSD, this data will be exclusive for music streaming and only caters for audio and not video streaming via the above Music streaming partners.  This Music data cannot be used for streaming music via the You Tube Music platform, since this also includes video streaming of Music.

  • The Telkom Streaming Data bundles can be used to stream both Video & Music from all Streaming Content Partners.

How to Get Video and Music Streaming

Step 1

Step 1

For Video and Music streaming all you have to do is subscribe to a Telkom mobile service. If you are on a FreeMe package, various allocations of streaming data are already included, if not, simply recharge/TopUp or buy a Streaming Bundle. That allows you to stream voice and music without using up the data in your monthly plan or other data bundles you have purchased.

Step 2

Step 2

If you’re an existing Telkom mobile subscriber and want to buy a Streaming bundle all you need to do is dial *180# and simply follow the step-by-step instructions to purchase a LIT_ Streaming Bundle. Alternatively, you can use the Telkom APP as well.

Step 3

Step 3

There is a wide arrange of video and music streaming partners you can choose from. (Refer to Current Telkom Streaming Partners above) You can select one or two, or all of them – but you’ll have to register and pay for each, their respective subscription fee. Once you’ve done this, you can start video streaming immediately.

If you’re unsure of which service to choose, some of the service providers do offer free trial periods, so you can test a service before committing. To find out more you can visit their respective sites.

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